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World’s first green ammonia plant built by Capesol

The World’s First Green Ammonia Plant Was Made By KAPSOM

Green ammonia produced from renewable energy is an excellent fuel and fertilizer. It has great potential and prospects to replace large amounts of fossil fuels and accelerates the world’s transition to a renewable energy drive.

In 2020, an Indian solar company embarked on a green ammonia project, which is backed by Kapsom, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions. The factory is located in northeastern India, and uses renewable energy to produce more than 1,500 tons of green ammonia every year, while reducing CO2 emissions by about 70,000 tons per year.

Unique Skid-mounted Design

Differing from the traditional ammonia synthesis process, renewable energy is the main energy source for ammonia production in this green ammonia plant. Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen by the water electrolysis unit, and N² is produced by pressure swing adsorption (PSA), again powered by renewable energy. Finally, with the aid of the catalyst, the Haber process is used to generate a catalytic reaction at a high temperature of 400 °C, and the single conversion rate is as high as 14%.

At present, the production cost of green ammonia is higher than the cost of obtaining synthetic ammonia from fossil fuels. To increase its commercial value and the attractiveness of its sustainable technology route, Kapsom R&D team is developing a dynamic, scalable and cost-reducing solution.

The wise use of skid-mounted design greatly saves time for transportation, installation and commissioning, and the intensive installation of devices reduces the demand for construction area. In the complex situation of COVID 19, this design also reduces the frequency of personnel movement and contact, and greatly protects the safety of workers.

The successful operation of this project will provide theoretical and practical experience to the world. We once again proved to the world that producing green and clean fuels from renewable energy sources on an industrial scale is not a dream. Kapsom has advanced technology to support our transition to renewable fuels and reduce carbon emissions.


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