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Yingde’s visit

Discussion on Green Ammonia Project Cooperation between YINGDE GASES and KAPSOM

On September 23, 2022, Hou Xingang, technical director of green hydrogen in YINGDE GASES Group Co., Ltd., and his team visited Nanjing KAPSOM Engineering Co., Ltd. Kelvin Yuan, General Manager of KAPSOM, received Mr. Hou and his team.

Mr. Hou introduced the development history, main business and global investment of YINGDE GASES Group to KAPSOM. YINGDE GASES has always been guided by “innovative and sustainable gas solutions to empower society”. And under the goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, it takes renewable energy to open up – green hydrogen – green ammonia integration as the new industry path and achieve new energy coupling. In this process, YING is also working with multiple partners to become the vanguard of the green chemical industry chain. Likewise, Kelvin Yuan introduced the development history of KAPSOM to YINGDE team. KAPSOM is a company whose main business is international chemical general contracting. Since 2017, it has joint green chemical industry, and continued to invest resources to assist technology development. KAPSOM also developed the world’s first green ammonia project and promote product iterative upgrades.

During this visit to KAPSOM, YINGDE focused on inspecting our green ammonia technology, and visited our new generation of containerized green ammonia plant. Mr. Hou is optimistic about the application prospect of the small ammonia plant in distributed renewable energy. In terms of green chemical demonstration projects, both parties hope to intensify their cooperation to pave the way for the subsequent large-scale green hydrogen and green ammonia projects invested and constructed by YINGDE GASES in Dalat Banner, Ordos City.

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